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Brilliant, you’re interested in Belief School. The online personal development experience that will light you up, shake you up and show you your magic!

Personal belief is a furnace you build from the inside, fuel it, stoke it and the energy you create will light fires in all areas of your extraordinary life.

Whatever project or journey you are about to embark on, Belief School gives you the confidence to live the life you choose.

Do you have a goal you are driven to achieve, or are you stuck, creating the same unwanted outcomes, over and over? Many people are unsure how to create the happiness and purpose they seek.

Our purpose that lights up life, is not sitting there for us to stumble upon; we have to build it, breathe life into it—fuel it with vision, connection, creativity and persistence.

Each Belief School module is designed to ignite that fire within you and create the energy you need to live your life and love it.

· Your investment in you ·

· What is · Belief School?

Belief School is a fully automated online program you can access from any device. Eight interactive modules, born out of thousands of face-to-face hours, each created to give you a framework to build confidence, solve problems and create your best results.

Each module has approx. 15 minutes theory, a short video, an optional audio coaching session (if you want greater depth) and an interactive online exercise.

Each module is a stand-alone learning experience—giving you a single principle to work with, an exercise that is very revealing and a lesson to take into your daily life.

Each of the eight modules are also connected and build on each other, creating more than their individual parts.

As you progress through the program, you are building your live, dynamic Dashboard—inputting content from you and your world. This is regularly updated as a rich resource and a reflection of your progress.

Upon completion, your Dashboard becomes your beautiful Belief School Manifesto. A collection of all that you have created through this program, presented back to you as a downloadable product. It is a tool to use in times ahead and a reminder of the great value you bring to your world.

Belief School is a community. Whether you are connecting with people in our Forum, or through our Closed Facebook group, the Belief School Team and our past and present Belief Schoolers, are there to support you, cheer you on and shed a tear if needed.

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Michelle Heatherley
I completed Belief School at a crossroads in my life, I was trying to accomplish something extremely unfamiliar, struggling with my insecurities. Belief School helped me realise how special I am, focusing me on what I wanted, that anything was possible when I believed in myself. Each section was simple and easy to follow. By the end I felt empowered, and confident to move forward! I truly think everybody, at any age can benefit from this awesome program.
Tiffany Matthews
Belief School came into my life at the perfect time. I started my own business and had recently become a mum, managing both was proving to be a struggle. The success I knew I was capable of wasn’t being actualised. Through Belief School I learned that it was my belief in myself holding me back. My income increased, I re-connected with people I hadn’t spoken to in years, and I realised what I was capable of. Belief School was the catalyst for conquering my fear of animals, something I had carried with me most of my life.
Dale Wheeler
Belief School was an amazing experience for me. It challenged me to look at my thought processes, and gave me the tools to create change. I would challenge any man to go through Belief School. Be willing to try something new, challenge yourself in a safe environment, where you are not being criticised, or judged for attempting to figure out how you think. I found it a humbling, and VERY worthwhile experience that surprised me. I recommend EVERY man do Belief School.
I had the honour of sharing the stage with the indomitable Paula Gosney at Courage, Connection & Badassery in Auckland this year. Paula is a courageous and incredible woman. She shares her story with vulnerability, strength, humour and zero bullshit! Her speech is an ode to straight up, powerful boss women everywhere. If you have the chance to hear her speak or attend one of her events, take it!
Turia Pitt. Athlete – International Author and Mindset
I loved this event and working with Paula because I got to be a full version of myself. Unscripted, unedited, raw, real and free. I loved that I felt supported and could tell my story the way I needed to - from laughter to some heaviness around my uneven and imperfect life. Thank you for letting me be clear in this sometimes muddy world. Ngā mihi nui kia koutou! All the best
Anika Moa xxx
I attended with my mum and daughter. Driving home we voted on our favourite speaker. All three generations voted for Paula. Thank you.
Abby Dance
Thank you Paula, you are a very inspirational person. It was through seeing you on the Café Show that I was moved to buy two tickets. At that point I didn’t know who I would go with but I felt the message you were telling needed to be heard so I wanted to go and be part of it. So glad I did, the message of believing in yourself, believing you are and always have been enough and that you are not alone in your struggles is something I will carry with me always.
Tania Donovan
My Favourite was Paula’s address which helped me immensely; hearing that I am enough and allowing myself to feel my emotions. It took me 50 years to speak of my rape and I was able to do it because I did not feel alone, her words comforted me. Love your warmth and capacity to care. Unexpectedly I came away with a toolkit to mend the holes in my life and an admiration for women, who were all so caring, sharing and empathetic. Speaking openly to a lady next to me she shared her mother’s rape, which had also taken 50 years to speak about. Stranger yet felt like friends. Thank you.
Ann Kid

Is any of this chatter, getting in the way?

  • I’m concerned about the commitment?

    We understand this; one of the greatest commodities in life is time. Belief School is designed to go at your pace. You can complete the program in a couple of weeks or do it over months. You will have lifelong access to the modules and can continue to develop your Dashboard and Manifesto as you wish. Investing time in yourself is one of the most rewarding and productive steps you can take towards creating the life you want.

  • Personal development scares me.

    It can be a little scary as we start to look at who we are. One of the uniquely beautiful things about Belief School is each and every module will leave you feeling good about yourself. That is our promise to you and why Paula created Belief School. Not to fix you, or to tell you that you need to be more, but to show you how incredibly special you already are.

  • I’m not sure if digital is right for me.

    Some digital programs can be dry and lack the human connection we need. We have thought about this and have built in the community, recognition and accountability needed to pull you towards the outcomes you want.

  • There are lots of courses, how do I know this one is right for me?

    Belief School was not thought up six months ago. Paula Gosney has been working with people for 9 years helping them create real, practical outcomes. Each of these modules has been crafted out of hundreds of hours of study, individual coaching and group dynamics.

    Because Belief School meets you where you’re at and works with your unique situation the content and outcomes are exactly what you need right now.

  • How am I going to learn?

    Once you are registered and enrolled, you can log in to our private, members-only section on and start working right away.

    Each module has the instructions you need, a training video and built-in templates for you to interact with. Everything is 100% automated.

    Our goal is to make your online learning experience as simple and impactful as possible.

What Belief School Is:

Simple. A small amount of theory and a quick video to set you up for the task ahead.

Game Changing. You are having the experience, it is your reality and cannot be denied.

Fun. You’ll laugh a little and possibly cry a little, as you discover how special you are.

Supportive. Do this with a group, a team, or journey alone and reach out to the Belief School community. There will ALWAYS be someone to help you, recognise who you are, and give you a kick in the pants if you need it.

Tried and True. Each of these modules has been crafted out of hundreds of hours of study and from working with people one-on-one, we know how this goes.

Belief School is not:

Like any other program on the planet. We are pretty confident this is one of a kind.

Full of loads of theory and reading. New awareness and change can happen in an instant when we are presented with new evidence.

Always easy. You can cruise through these modules not putting in much effort and even then you will create value for yourself. Or you can be brave and play full out – this is where the gold is.

I want to find my amazing self

Belief School Unpacked

Belief School was created to give you the evidence you need to believe in yourself.

Believing in your ability to create a happy, connected and abundant life, is the cornerstone of strong, beautiful relationships, abundance, success and being able to contribute to this crazy world.

Belief School is an investment in you, in your potential—your future. Upon completion, you’ll have a tool-box of principles and practices that are life changing—you are enough, we know it and we want you to know it.

  • Module 1

    We are often acutely aware of our weakness, but unaware of our strengths; or we do not realise the value of our strengths. We are prone to making assumptions, with a distorted view of how we show up in our everyday lives.

    Do you know how awesome you are, do you know what strengths you have that shine brightly? Your strengths are your unique combination of skills, talents and personality traits that make you deliciously human; they are your force within.

    This first module alone has the potential to change your life. Using a unique blend of technology and real life experience, you complete an exercise that reveals your greatest qualities to you, in a way that is deeply moving and cannot be denied.

  • Module 2

    When we change our words, we change our mind and then we change our outcomes.

    It utterly defines how we feel, how we interact with others, and the choices we make. I’m too old, I’m not smart enough, that’s not possible for me, I’m useless at that, my family sucks; as long as we keep saying this stuff to ourselves, we will continue to create it.

    We want self-talk that opens up all possibilities. Learning to recognise negative self-talk and then change it, is really important. Whatever limiting beliefs you hold, we will show you how to turn that negative chatter off and create an internal conversation that focuses on what you want, not what you don’t want.

  • Module 3

    The vision, passion and strength needed to create the life you want comes from a foundation of self-confidence and self-belief; that platform is not laid down by things.

    You are loved more than you realise, you have done more than you give yourself credit for and you have people who believe in you greatly.

    With the clever use of technology you learn to surround yourself with this evidence, it’s game-changing and paradigm shifting!

    This is one of my favourite Belief School exercises, with such a beautiful end product for you to keep. Every time I have completed this with an individual or a group there is this wonderful glow, an understanding that happens when we shine our spotlight on the here and now. – Paula Gosney
  • Module 4

    We wouldn’t be doing our job if we were not tackling the subject of fear. Learning to live a life where fear does not define your choices, changes everything. It is when you learn how to step through fear that you discover what you are truly capable of, your authenticity and creativity shine through, as do all the possibilities for your life.

    We understand fear; we know how to recognise the good fear from the bad and we know how to help you do the same. We use our core principles of community, accountability and recognition to set you up to discover your courage and to experience the incredible power of living without fear.

  • Module 5

    Connection is crucial for self-belief and confidence. Most of what we do is driven by a deep desire to be part of a tribe. To be loved and accepted in our communities. Confidence comes from feeling needed and valued, in this module we explore what this means for you.

    We look at the impact our actions have on those around us in a beautiful, positive way. This module is all about creating a ripple effect that will bounce back to you in ways you cannot yet see.

    We promise from the top of head to the tips of our toes that this exercise will leave you smiling for days, with incredible “aha’s” that will stay with you forever.

  • Module 6

    Epigenetics is the new frontier of science; how our environment and our thoughts impact on the biochemistry of our body. Take it a step further into the realm of quantum physics and we start to glimpse how what we believe impacts on the world around us.

    In this module, we explore how our biochemistry responds when we build our belief, confidence and connections. We introduce simple daily practices that will have a profound impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

    This is a rewarding process of reflection and actualisation that brings together all you have learnt and experienced in the last six modules.

  • Module 7

    Planning and practise are essential if we are to continue to play to our strengths and incorporate new strategies into our daily lives. In module seven we introduce the five fundamental and essential processes required to take a “desire” into a personal reality.

    You can apply this to anything in your life: health, wealth, love, communication, exercise; the process of internalisation is the same for all parts of our life.

    In the context of Belief School, you’ll look at what has stood out for you the most during the program and work with those realisations to create long lasting change.

  • Module 8

    We can sum this final module up in a few words!

    Celebration, Recognition, Completion!

  • The Manifesto

    Your Belief School Manifesto will be more valuable than any trinket you could find online, because with the use of our clever technology—you created it.

    We are really good at helping you see your unique, authentic self; throughout Belief School you have been creating outcomes that reflect this, these outcomes are incredibly valuable and true for you.

    That is why we have collected them in your beautiful Belief School Manifesto: a resource for you to call upon when times are tough and a celebration to cherish for the rest of your life.

  • The Forum

    Our supportive community that is cheering for you, caring for you and is a big part of the Belief School experience. It is here for you to share your successes and your learning; to feel the love and support of a group who are right where you are, and to pay this forward. You can participate in this group as much or as little as you like.

  • Our Facebook Community

    We all know Facebook; if this is your thing, we have a growing community of past and present Belief Schoolers who are there with ideas, love and support. Best of all, they get it! Connecting with like-minded people in safe, online communities supports and nurtures self-belief. As this community grows, so does our ability to affect change and define the media landscapes we populate.

  • Support from the Belief School Team

    We’re here to support you in any way we can. If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, email us at and we’ll get right on it.

Yes, enrol me now

Is Belief School right for me?

Complete our Pre Module for free if you are still not sure Belief School is right for you.

Congratulations on choosing to invest in you.

You are worth it!

Belief School
journey starts here

To help you get some clarity we
are going to ask you a few questions.


Are you


How old are you?


· What do you want? · What do
you really want?

Let's put it another way, what do you want if you believed you could be, do or have anything?

Take a few minutes, what is that thought, that dream, that wish – yes the one you keep dismissing because you think it is not possible for you?

What is the one thing you would love if there were no limitations, no obstacles – no fear?

It’s a great idea to start a journal and explore these questions in more depth, for now write a concise answer here. No one is going to see this but you!


Why do you want this?

This is important; understanding why you want the things you do, will play a big part in creating them.

Dig a little deeper, once you have your initial response, ask yourself why and then why again. You may find with this question, that your first thought masks a deeper need.


How will you feel when you have this?

You are doing great!

Now, close your eyes and imagine in the perfect world, how you will FEEL when you have achieved this. Allow yourself to experience in vivid detail, the emotions you will feel when you have created this outcome. We call this going to the feeling place, it is the intensity of your emotions that enhance the wiring in your brain. Write those feelings down here.


Why don't you have it?

Don't over think this too much; what is the first thing that popped into your head when you read the question? Come on, be honest—no one is watching. That first thought is often at the heart of what is holding you back.

If you are not sure, scribble some ideas down, be brutal with yourself; self-awareness is an essential step towards creating change.


· Whatever the reason · We don't
believe you

We hear you, we just know you are more creative, stronger and resilient than you allow yourself to believe.

You can be, do, have anything in this one precious life. The only thing standing between you and your heart’s desire is your belief in yourself.

We can almost guarantee what you answered to the last question, is an obstacle (we’re not saying it’s not real) but we are pretty sure it can be overcome or, through a better understanding of yourself—changed.

Personal development is an investment in your future. Unlock your potential; you are worth it!
Which program is right for you?
Belief School Automated
  • Full Access to Belief School’s beautifully crafted program detailed in the introduction pages
  • Eight interactive modules and exercises
  • Eight coaching videos and separate audio tracks recorded from live coaching sessions
  • A self-discipline exercise, helping you build your inner strength
  • Unlock and download your Belief School Manifesto on completion of the course
  • Access to the Belief School Community Forum
  • This is the perfect program for those who like to go at their own pace
Belief School Coached
  • Full Access to the entire Belief School automated program
  • Work directly with Paula Gosney. (Limited Spaces)
  • A one-on-one coaching session with Paula for each module of the course
  • Accountability and additional tasks to support each module
  • Eight coaching videos and separate audio tracks recorded from live coaching sessions
  • Tried and true tools and insights to help you build self-belief and create change
  • A great option for those who like a little more accountability and a deeper understanding of why they do the things they do

Do you want to develop your self-belief?

Do you want to stop fear making decisions for you?

Do you want the confidence to create change?