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· Belief School One-on-one · Transforms Lives

Life is tough. Trying to figure it out by ourselves is sometimes impossible. An experienced mentor will help you get past obstacles and create the outcomes you want for your life.

Paula has four spaces available each month, working one-on-one with people who are serious about creating change.

Angela Barnett, Lawyer and Mum of 4.

Over the last 12-months I’ve been going through the toughest period of my life. I reached out to Paula for support to help navigate through this stressful time.  She did so with tremendous empathy, compassion and wisdom, giving me constructive and reliable advice. Paula’s calm, logical manner both comforted and challenged me to take control and reflect upon my decisions in the most positive way.

This gave me clarity and moved my focus onto the happiness I was looking for. She enabled me to understand that courage and strength come from an inner self-belief and this has guided me towards becoming the “best version” of me.  Paula is authentic because she has faced her own challenges and overcome them in a truly inspirational way.

This is NOT counselling. Working with Paula is about problem solving; focusing on what you want and then taking the action you need.

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The Belief School Program

Every part of Belief School is designed to help you build belief in yourself. As you progress through the program with Paula you will recognise and develop your strengths, learn to combat fear and as each session passes, your confidence and self-belief will grow.

Personal belief is a furnace you build from the inside, fuel it, stoke it and the energy you create will light fires in all areas of your extraordinary life.

Whatever project or journey you are about to embark on, working with Paula through the Belief School platform gives you the confidence to create change. Whether you are driven to achieve a goal, or you’re stuck unable to overcome obstacles, working through the program with Paula Gosney at your side will accelerate your learning and development.

· Your investment in you ·
$495 NZD

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What you get

Over the last decade, Paula has spent hundreds of hours working with people one-on-one, helping them catch sight of their own potential. She is deeply passionate about helping you see how capable, creative and valuable you are; giving you real practical solutions to create the outcomes you want.

This special, coached program is an opportunity for a select few to work through Belief School—with the creator of the program, for greater depth and accountability.

The Program Includes:

Why you need to do this?

Your belief in yourself is the only thing standing between you and the life you want.

Personal development and mentorship is a journey of self-discovery; the single greatest investment you can make in your life.

On completion you will have tools and resources to call on and guide you.

You don’t know what you don’t know – but we do.

What working with Paula looks like:

Eye opening. Paula has an extraordinary ability to see who you are and what you need to do. She is compassionate, empathetic and very honest. Are you ready?

Game Changing. As each module and coaching session unfolds, you will start to see what is holding you back, this paradigm shift is life-changing.

Supportive. Personal mentorship takes a great program and turns it into an extraordinary program. As you work through the Belief School principles, Paula will be there to support you, hold you accountable and give you a kick in the pants if you need it.

Tried and True. Each of these modules has been crafted out of hundreds of hours of study and working with people one-on-one; we know how this goes.