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Paula Gosney – My Story

A Writer, Businesswoman, Warrior, Speaker and Mum. Fiercely honest, a passionate coach, and a women who believes we are so much more capable than we allow ourselves to be.

Paula has a remarkable career, starting her first business at 21, that was quickly purchased by her largest competitor after a high profile Public Relations campaign. Moving to Sydney in her early 20’s she established a marketing and promotions agency working for many Blue Chip Companies and supporting community organisations that were close to her heart.

Returning home to marry her Kiwi partner she took her first “job” working as an AD for New Zealand’s top independent Advertising Agency.

Her next venture was to establish an international business, distributing health products and developing a large sales team. Through this she discovered her great talent for coaching and her love of public speaking, having now shared her knowledge and passion with audiences from 50 to 5000. It is here that Paula says, she did her 10,000 hours - in human development.

Paula Gosney
“During this time my great love was working with individuals, helping them catch site of their own potential. I could see it in them, but often they couldn’t see it in themselves. I developed a whole range of coaching practises, principals and tools that would help them see that they were enough, that they could create the life they wanted.”

Most of the time it looked pretty rosy to the untrained eye, but you only needed to scratch the surface to discover there was more to Paula’s story.

Life threw some pretty nasty curve balls at Paula when she was young, sent to boarding school at a very young age, never to live at home again and the victim of a serious sexual assault as a teenager; a decline into drugs and alcohol plagued much of her twenties. “I lived a double life, one of a successful entrepreneur, the other a woman in deep pain relentlessly trashing my body like the worthless object the rape had taught me it was.”

In Paula’s pursuit of Happiness she spent hundreds of hours sitting at the feet of personal development masters, participating in and devouring anything thing that would help her find her way through her personal pain.

For Paula, Belief School is the culmination of everything she has learnt, taught and lived through. This is her gift back to the world. She believes if she had been exposed to the principals that now define her life and are taught in Belief School, she would have made many different choices.